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Vets need islands, like islands need vets Listing Image

Vets need islands, like islands need vets

20 Feb 2018 | Charlotte Clough | Equine

Vets are to be found providing vital services across even the most remote and inaccessible of the smaller, inhabited British Isles and are an essential part of island life. They are one of the key pieces in the jigsaw of services that make these unique island communities remain viable.

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Winners of the Veterinary Photographer of the Year 2017 announced Listing Image
Emerging issues in equine medicine Listing Image

Emerging issues in equine medicine

27 Jul 2017 | Equine

Richard Newton and Jo Ireland consider the latest issues in equine exotic disease threats and emerging medical conditions of current relevance to UK horses, ahead of their CPD course providing attendees with tips on how to keep themselves informed on equine global disease occurrence.

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Disease surveillance: are you aware of the services available in your area? Listing Image
First steps to good leadership – whatever your position Listing Image

First steps to good leadership – whatever your position

28 Mar 2017 | Anne-Marie Svendsen Aylott | Equine

Leadership is one of those interesting words that is difficult to define, mostly because the definition varies depending on culture, background and intent. Throughout history leaders have fulfilled a number of functions, from the overt general to the gentler thought-leader, with the only thing in common seeming to be that they managed to get people to follow them – wisely or unwisely.

British Veterinary LGBT: James’ story

28 Feb 2017 | James Greenwood | Equine

I love working with people and I think the proudest moments come from the relationships I have developed with my clients over the years. Every time I receive a thank you card, a bottle of wine or even the occasional hug from a client, it reminds me of how worthwhile this job is.

Helping vets and emergency services respond to animal rescues Listing Image
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