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BVA statement on Nobivac L4 vaccine

06 Jul 2016


Following the recent negative articles in the press regarding the Nobivac L4 vaccine and its potentially dangerous side effects, BVA has issued the following statement

Following recent negative articles in the press regarding the Nobivac L4 vaccine and its potentially dangerous side effects, Gudrun Ravetz, Junior Vice President of British Veterinary Association, said:

“We are very concerned that the recent articles about the L4 vaccine risks scaremongering dog owners into making blanket decisions and avoiding vaccinations for their dog. Vets, many of us being pet owners ourselves, completely understand the upset and concern when pets are unwell, however vaccinations save lives and are an important tool in keeping animals healthy.

“It is essential that owners make a fully informed choice in partnership with their local vet on a suitable vaccination and, overall preventative healthcare programme for their dog, based on many factors including the health and age of the pet and based on scientific evidence. If pet owners suspect adverse reactions to any medication or have concerns it is critical that they report these to their vets so they can be thoroughly and scientifically investigated and reported to the veterinary medicines regulators.”

BVA has also issued letters to both the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail in reaction to their articles.

Additional information on the Nobivac L4 vaccine

As a membership association for vets, we don’t collect data on vaccinations, this is done by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). VMD has provided data to VetSurgeon on which these stories are based. 

In addition to this, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has issued a statement in response to the articles, stating that the claims made by the papers are completely untrue.

Our advice to the public continues to be that all preventative healthcare – and emergency treatment – for your dog should always be discussed with your local vet due to the dog’s health, age and other influencing factors. We do have some general advice leaflets for pet owners about vaccinations.

Finally, VMD has provided us with some information for vets on the leptospirosis vaccination. Please note you will need to be a member of BVA to access this


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