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Cost of vet care: challenging misleading media reports

13 Sep 2023


It’s been a challenging week for vets working on the frontline. The launch of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) review into veterinary services for household pets has sparked huge media interest, particularly around the cost of vet care.

Cost of vet care: challenging misleading media reports Image

Not all the media coverage has been fair or accurate. So, BVA President Malcolm Morley has been talking to media across the UK challenging inaccurate accusations leveled at vet teams; dispelling myths around how vets work in practice; raising awareness of the value of veterinary care; as well as talking about the changes shaping the profession.

Malcolm appeared on BBC Radio 4’s consumer programme You and Yours yesterday (12 September) talking about the cost of vet care and advising pet owners to speak to their vet early if they have concerns about affording treatment.

A letter from Malcolm was today (13 September 2023) published in the Daily Telegraph challenging Judith Woods column, ‘Exploitative vets make me mad – start putting our pets before your profit’, which suggested vets were preying on people’s love for their pets for financial gain. In the letter, Dr Morley firmly stated that these claims were ‘offensive and untrue’, as well as highlighting that pre-empting the results of the review may fuel abuse towards vets on the front line.

Malcolm also talked about the issue on BBC Scotland ‘The Nine’ News television show (clip no longer available). You can hear Malcolm speaking to BBC Radio Derby (listen from 02:07:50), BBC Radio Sussex (listen from 02:40:00), BBC Radio Wiltshire (listen from 02:46:05); BBC Radio Kent (listen from 02:52:00); BBC Radio Scotland Drive Time (listen from 1:24:00); BBC Radio Ulster Evening Extra (listen from 1:49:35). Please note, all radio clips are available until 6 October.

You can also read BVA’s statement in response to the review launch, in The Times, BBC News and Vet Times. It featured on BBC Breakfast (clip no longer available) and BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine (listen from 1:19:07, available until 6 October).

Look out for and share BVA’s social media posts reminding pet owners that whilst vet visits can be stressful and at times upsetting, to remember that their vet is doing their job, is also human and is there to help them. We are also sharing BVA’s new value of veterinary care guide which can help assist with difficult conversations about vet bills with owners and BVA’s 'Respect your Vet Team' posters are also available to download for use in waiting rooms and on social media.

BVA will be contributing to the CMA review and we’re encouraging veterinary professionals to do the same. We would also like to hear from Team Vet directly, so please share your thoughts with us about the review and the profession, more broadly. Please email [email protected]




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