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Eminent vet and animal health and welfare champion receives the BVA Chiron Award

18 Sep 2019


Distinguished vet, parasitologist and founder trustee of Rabies in Asia Foundation, Professor Abdul Rahman was today announced as the recipient of the BVA's prestigious Chiron Award.

Distinguished vet, parasitologist and founder trustee of Rabies in Asia Foundation, Professor Abdul Rahman was today (19 September 2019) announced as the recipient of the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) prestigious Chiron Award.

Professor Rahman has received the award in recognition of a long list of contributions to the global veterinary profession, and as a champion for advancing animal health and welfare standards worldwide.

He is an executive director and recent past President of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association and has published more than 125 scientific papers on subjects ranging from veterinary public health and control of emerging diseases to welfare at slaughter, food security and adaptation to climate change.

The Chiron Award is an acknowledgment of lifetime achievements in veterinary science or outstanding services to the profession and is judged as being of a standard that commands international or inter-professional recognition.

As a retired Professor of Parasitology and former Dean of the Bangalore Veterinary College in India,

Professor Rahman has been actively engaged in teaching, supporting and unifying the global veterinary profession for over 50 years, particularly in developing countries. He has also worked with the Indian Veterinary Association as well as the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

On discovering that he was the recipient of this year’s Award, Professor Rahman said: 

“I have a deep sense of gratitude towards the multitude of people, both within and outside the profession, with whom it has been my great good fortune to work. I owe them all so much and they deservedly share the credit for this award.

“I have long had a passion for the veterinary profession and was very fortunate to have worked within it as an academician and then in association with its professional organisations. This gave me wonderful opportunities to work with many others towards promoting animal health, animal welfare and the control of zoonotic diseases, especially rabies. 

“The veterinary profession is facing many challenges, especially in the developing countries of the world, where poverty and hunger are a cause of major concern. Increasing animal production, tackling emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases, food safety and security, climate change and antimicrobial resistance will be areas of concern that the profession has to address.” 

Reading out the citation for the award at BVA Members’ Day in Swansea today, outgoing BVA President Simon Doherty said: “Professor Rahman is a true advocate for the profession and animal welfare. His limitless energy, dedication, and a passion for disease control and prevention, continues to shape ethical and environmental policies globally.

 “It is an honour to present this year’s Chiron Award to Professor Rahman.”


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