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Our journal, In Practice, holds a wealth of information and expertise in the employment field. We've selected some articles you may find useful when navigating different aspects of employment. Our journals are a BVA member benefit, to access these articles make sure you're logged in to your BVA account.

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Evidence-based recruitment: best practice for interviewing and selection

In the current recruitment climate, interviewing candidates for a vacancy in your practice is a two-way process. This article focuses on best practice for interviewing and selection, to help you ensure that your practice makes the best impression to potential new hires.

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Evidence-based recruitment: from onboarding to integration

After previously exploring research on the most effective components of recruitment advertising, and good practice for recruitment and selection of applicants. This article discusses the literature on the third stage of recruitment: bringing a new person on board and integrating them into the team.

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A useful tool to improve staff retention, practice efficiency and staff wellbeing

Clinical workflow should involve all levels of a veterinary business, and covers many different aspects of the day-to-day running of a practice. This article highlights why a workflow restructure can be hugely beneficial for staff retention, wellbeing and business longevity.

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Making the most of your career connections: how to make and maintain your network

To some of us, networking comes naturally, but to others it can fill them with dread. This article explains how both parties can walk away from an interaction feeling glad that they bumped into one another, and provides some tips and tricks to make the most of and maintain your network.

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Making the transition from friend and colleague to manager

This article offers a selection of tools to support new managers, breaking the topic down into three sections: preparation, implementation and evaluation. The aim is to provide a launchpad for further exploration into various ideas and concepts that have the potential to help you transition from friend and colleague to manager.

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Putting yourself first: awareness, regulation, care and development

How you behave models behaviour for others. Therefore, leading yourself is a vital skill. This article looks at how we can lead ourselves through consideration of self-awareness and regulation, and sustain ourselves through self-development and care.

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Personal financial planning: key focus points and their relevance

Financial planning for individuals can often be a daunting and stressful subject. As part of a financial series in collaboration with The Vet Service, this article gives a broad overview of the topic and simplifies the core elements to provide readers with a good foundation for personal financial planning.

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How practices can help their team during the cost-of-living crisis

The cost-of-living crisis is affecting people across the UK, and veterinary practices are under increasing strain to help alleviate this burden when it comes to their teams. While inflation-beating pay rises are not always possible, this article outlines some other tax-efficient ways that practices can help.

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Handling finances as a locum vet

There are various ways that locum vets can handle their finances, with advantages and disadvantages to each approach. This article outlines what you need to consider when assessing the best option for you, looking at the three main ways of locuming.

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