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Extramural studies (EMS): a guide for practitioners

Extramural studies (EMS) is an essential part of veterinary student education, which is only made possible through the goodwill of veterinary practices in providing placements to enable students to gain this practical experience.

This EMS guide has been created so that you, as an EMS provider, and the student, are clear on what to expect during a student's EMS placement, enabling you both to get the most out of the experience. 

Published: 2011
Edition: 1
Reviewed: 2019
Publisher: BVA 
Number of pages: 7
Format: PDF


This guide includes:

  • What you can gain from EMS
  • What students should gain from EMS
  • What is required of the student on EMS
  • Before the placement
  • Insurance
  • During the placement
  • Measuring progress and feeding back
  • RCVS regulations governing students in EMS placements

Extramural studies (EMS): a guide for practitioners