Yorkshire and the Humber

The Yorkshire and the Humber regional representative on BVA Council is Jim Morris.

We encourage you to contact Jim via the Yorkshire and the Humber forum on the BVA community or by emailing yorkshirehumber@bva.co.uk.

Jim Morris

Jim MorrisI am the owner of Haven Veterinary Group, an independent 10-vet mixed practice based in Hull and East Yorkshire. I have been in practice for 25 years and for 16 of those as a practice partner and then principal. I previously served on Council in the early 2000’s as PVS representative.

I am concerned by the challenges of Brexit, veterinary manpower, antimicrobial resistance and animal welfare which are going to need careful navigating over the next 3 years. I have heard the current BVA leadership speak on these topics and whilst feeling that they are moving in the right direction it is important that communication is maintained and expanded with the membership in Yorkshire. I work with and employ UK, EU and Non-EU vets, new, recent and not so recent graduates I feel over the next 3 years all their voices will be needed to be heard. I am involved in nurse training realising the importance of RVN’s as part of our team.

In my practice I have always emphasised that we are one team even though we bring different skills and have different areas of interest, and that by listening to and supporting each other we provide a better service for our clients and patients. This has also taught me how essential good communication is and that though the message may be the same the method needs to be tailored to those whom are addressed. The most important part of communicating though is listening.

As a practice owner I have experience in navigating a changing veterinary environment deciding what the challenges are and where I want the practice to move onto. It has then been ultimately up to me to ensure that the practice gets there and that the team is brought along and buys in. Examples of this include expanding and renovating the practice, increasing the fields of work the practice does and entering the practice standards scheme.

BVA is looking for a representative who has skills in evidence gathering and research, analysis and evaluation, problem solving and decision making. These are my bread and butter as a clinician in mixed practice who understands the stresses and strains of dealing with all species and their owners. I am able to put aside the time needed to fulfil this role and am excited by the thought of being able to represent my colleagues across the region. It is important that BVA is the independent voice of its members.