Maternity and paternity rights and obligations

Maternity and paternity rights and obligations

How long is maternity leave, how will it affect my pay and will my job be held open? These are typical of the many questions about parenthood and employment.

This guidance has been designed to give employers, employees and locums easy access to clear information on maternity, paternity and adoption rights, outlining the rights and responsibilities when dealing with pregnancy at work.

You will find information about leave and pay, health & safety including a risk assessment template tailored to veterinary practice and a selection of supporting FAQs providing details on complex areas.

Updated: 2015      
Edition: 2      
Publisher: BVA
Number of pages: 36      
Format: PDF

It covers:

  • specific vet employee or employer information
  • infographic timelines
  • health and safety considerations
  • frequently asked questions
  • useful links

The first step is determine work status: whether you or the person asking for maternity or paternity leave is employed or self-employed.

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