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Posted on June 27, 2017 by James Mullarkey

You may have noticed that our journal staff have added multiple-choice questions to some online articles on the In Practice website. We’ve been looking at ways to help members with reflective, outcomes based learning while reading the BVA online journals.

Many of the articles now have quiz questions attached so that you test your knowledge once you’ve read the article. The multiple-choice quiz will tell you immediately if you have chosen the correct answer or not. This both provides a challenge but allows you to reflect on your understanding of the article. 

Last updated June 2018.

In Practice quiz screenshot

The quizzes have links under the initial question which takes you a set of more questions about the article. To give you a flavour I’ve included links to articles from In Practice below with quiz questions and put them in to categories based on the type of veterinary work you do or your areas of interest.

Farm vet articles with online CPD questions

Equine vet articles with online CPD questions

Companion animal vet articles with online CPD questions

Exotic animal articles with online CPD questions for vets

Wildlife articles with online CPD questions for vets

More veterinary CPD from BVA

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