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XL Bully ban: guidance for vets

It is now illegal under the Dangerous Dogs Act for anyone in England or Wales to own an XL Bully type dog without a Certificate of Exemption. 

To help our members with the implications of the ban, we've collated the most up-to-date information into this practical guide for veterinary teams in England and Wales. 

This is a live resource, which will be updated as further details on the ban are released or clarified by the Government. This information was last updated February 2024. 

Latest updates 
  • 4 January 2024: BVA stands against veterinary abuse amidst XL Bully ban.
  • 4 January 2024: Blue Cross, Battersea and RSPCA announce new funding to support XL Bully owners with neutering costs, launching 5 February 2024.
  • 11 January 2024: Dog Control Coalition responds to Scotland's XL Bully ban announcement
  • 15 January 2024: [New addition] Defra clarification on whether a veterinary practice or consult room are classed as a 'public space'.
  • 18 January 2024: BVA publishes blog on navigating the XL Bully ban.


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