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Scottish Government extends XL Bully neutering window following BVA pressure

07 Mar 2024


BVA responds to Scottish Government legislation on the compensation and exemption schemes for XL Bully type dogs.

Scottish Government extends XL Bully neutering window following BVA pressure   Image

Following ongoing discussions, BVA has successfully made the case to the Scottish Government to introduce extended neutering deadlines for XL Bully dogs, which are now banned under Scottish law. The new rules will not only ensure the health and welfare of these dogs, it will also enable the veterinary profession to have the capacity to manage the anticipated increase in the dogs requiring the procedure.

The news comes as the Scottish Government laid legislation outlining its compensation and exemption schemes for its XL Bully ban on 1 March.

BVA President Anna Judson said:

“Following months of ongoing talks, we’re pleased to see the Scottish Government has listened and taken on board our calls to set the neutering age window for XL Bullies to the recommended 18 months instead of one year, as is the case in England and Wales. With increasing evidence that neutering large breeds of dogs early can lead to developmental orthopaedic problems, alongside other medical conditions, the move strikes the right balance between ensuring the dogs’ health and preventing breeding. The extended deadlines will also help ease the likely pressure on already overstretched vet teams, who will be required to neuter an increased number of dogs.

“But this isn’t the end. We will continue to press the UK Government for a complete overhaul of the dangerous dogs legislation, which has consistently failed to protect people since its introduction in 1991. In order to better protect people and tackle the root cause of dog aggression incidents, we need legislation with a focus on responsible dog breeding and ownership, earlier intervention and better enforcement of the law.”


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