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BVA is a key stakeholder on animal health and welfare, public health, and other veterinary matters. We work with our members and specialist divisions to respond to consultations from government departments and bodies, and the RCVS, as well as other stakeholders. 

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Body Consultation Response Deadline Response Published
Welsh Government Agriculture (Wales) white paper 22/Mar/2021 26/Mar/2021
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs bTB: consultation on proposals to help eradicate disease in England 17/Mar/2021 29/Mar/2021
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs The regulation of genetic technologies 15/Mar/2021 22/Mar/2021
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Legislative reform 09/Mar/2021 12/Mar/2021
Red Tractor Red Tractor standards review 01/Mar/2021 02/Mar/2021
Scottish Government FAWC opinion on the welfare of animals during transport 22/Feb/2021 26/Feb/2021
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Cat and dog microchipping and scanning in England 15/Feb/2021 23/Feb/2021
EFRA Committee Seafood and meat exports to the EU 15/Feb/2021 22/Mar/2021
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Primates as pets in England 01/Feb/2021 05/Feb/2021
EU Environment Sub-committee UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement inquiry 01/Feb/2021 22/Mar/2021
House of Lords EU Goods Sub-Committee Future UK⁠–EU relations: trade in goods inquiry 01/Feb/2021 22/Mar/2021
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Consultation on improvements to animal welfare in transport 25/Jan/2021 27/Jan/2021
Welsh Parliament Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee evidence on animal health 21/Jan/2021 21/Jan/2021
Public Bill Committee UK Border 2020: preparedness 11/Nov/2020 25/Nov/2020
EFRA Committee Puppy smuggling inquiry – updated 10/Nov/2020 11/Nov/2020
EU International Agreements Sub-Committee UK-Japan trade negotiations 05/Nov/2020 18/Nov/2020
Department for International Trade Trade and Agriculture Commission report on the UK’s future trade policies 22/Oct/2020 22/Oct/2020
Food Standards Agency Food Standards Agency Common Framework 30/Sep/2020 02/Nov/2020
House of Lords EU International Agreement Sub-committee UK-Australia Trade Negotiations 14/Sep/2020 24/Nov/2020
House of Lords EU International Agreement Sub-committee UK-New Zealand Trade Negotiations 14/Sep/2020
Welsh Parliament Exiting the European Union: Preparedness in Wales for the end of the transition period 31/Aug/2020 18/Aug/2020
House of Lords EU International Agreement Sub-committee UK-Japan Trade Negotiations 24/Aug/2020 02/Sep/2020
Scottish Parliament Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill 21/Aug/2020 02/Sep/2020
EFRA Committee Public Sector Procurement of Food inquiry 20/Aug/2020 03/Sep/2020
Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union Inquiry on the UK’s future relationship with the EU 19/Aug/2020 29/Jul/2020
Welsh Government A ban on third party sales of puppies and kittens 10/Aug/2020 18/Aug/2020
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy UK Internal Market white paper 10/Aug/2020 03/Sep/2020
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs VA response to Defra / APHA / Natural England Badger Vaccination Training - options paper for increasing the number of lay vaccinators 31/Jul/2020 07/Sep/2020
Animal Welfare Committee Call for evidence Covid-19 impact on animal welfare 23/Jul/2020 05/Aug/2020
EFRA Committee Labour in the food supply chain 06/Jul/2020 20/Jul/2020
House of Lords Committee Agrifood and the Northern Ireland Protocol 30/Jun/2020 24/Jun/2020
Welsh Government Climate Change, Environment, and Rural Affairs Committee inquiry: impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the agriculture and fisheries sectors, food supply, animal welfare, climate change and the environment 29/Jun/2020 08/Jul/2020
EU International Agreements Sub-Committee UK-US Trade Negotiations inquiry 26/Jun/2020 08/Jul/2020
Public Bill Committee Trade Bill 2019-2021 22/Jun/2020 24/Jun/2020
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Bovine TB: proposals to manage the delivery of badger vaccination and culling in England’s edge areas 19/Jun/2020 08/Jul/2020
Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry – coronavirus and Scotland 18/Jun/2020 24/Jun/2020
Public Bill Committee Medicines and Medical Devices Bill 2019-2021 10/Jun/2020 10/Jun/2020
Welsh Government Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee Inquiry - Impacts of Covid-19 08/Jun/2020 08/Jun/2020
Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee Inquiry on the impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers 19/May/2020 19/May/2020
EFRA Committee Inquiry on Covid-19 and food supply 19/May/2020 19/May/2020
Welsh Government Code of practice for the welfare of pigs 18/May/2020 21/May/2020
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Unfettered Access: Northern Ireland and customs arrangements after Brexit 27/Mar/2020 27/Apr/2020
House of Commons Public Bill Committee Call for written evidence: Agriculture Bill 05/Mar/2020 20/Apr/2020
Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Innovation Strategy 20-25 28/Feb/2020 20/Apr/2020
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs The welfare of primates as pets in England: call for evidence 10/Jan/2020 13/Jan/2020
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Cat microchipping in England: call for evidence 04/Jan/2020 04/Jan/2020
Vet Sustain Strategy For the veterinary profession to be a leading force for sustainability 20/Dec/2019 20/Jan/2020
Welsh Government The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Animal Exhibits) (Wales) Regulations 2020 14/Nov/2019 19/Nov/2019
Other MAC call for evidence: salary threshold and points based system 05/Nov/2019 05/Nov/2019
Other RSPCA: Bovine TB - it's not all black and white 01/Nov/2019 01/Nov/2019
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Ageing sheep at the slaughterhouse 31/Oct/2019 31/Oct/2019
Welsh Government Sustainable farming and our land 30/Oct/2019 30/Oct/2019
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs National food strategy 25/Oct/2019 25/Oct/2019
Other AHDB proposal: coordinated approach to tackling ruminant health and welfare 25/Oct/2019 25/Oct/2019
Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Animal Health and Welfare Strategic Framework 30/Sep/2019 30/Sep/2019
EFRA Committee Puppy smuggling inquiry 30/Sep/2019 30/Sep/2019
EFRA Committee Commons Select Committee: Agriculture, achieving net-zero emissions 30/Sep/2019 30/Sep/2019
Welsh Government Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill 21/Aug/2019 21/Aug/2019
European Commission Animal disease notification, reporting, surveillance, eradication and disease-free status 03/Jul/2019 03/Jul/2019
Other European Medicines Agency: draft guidelines safety and residues data requirements for MUMS 26/Jun/2019 26/Jun/2019
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