BVA Officers

Electing BVA officers

The Electoral College

The Electoral College is the body of electors that assesses nominations and formally selects members for election to officer status.

Current members of the Electoral College

Patricia Colville

Patricia works in the referral and out of hours environment as Business Development Director for Vets Now, having previously managed their Glasgow 24/7 Emergency and Specialty Hospital. Patricia is also on the Council of BVA Scottish Branch, and a Director and Trustee of Vetlife.

“Now more than ever it’s important that we have talented and motivated individuals willing to work hard on our behalf and show leadership of the profession. I’m delighted to be playing a role in ensuring the appropriate balance of skills and experience across the BVA Officer team”

Paul Freeman

Paul recently retired after a 39 year career in small animal and mixed veterinary practice, most of which was spent in rural Northumberland. He has an active interest in the governance of the profession and the welfare and well-being of its members. Paul currently represents the North East of England on BVA Council and has served on BVA’s Member Benefits Committee.

“I believe that my professional and life experience equips me well to assess applications for the role of BVA Junior Vice President (and future President). I have a sound and comprehensive understanding of how BVA works, and the attributes that contribute to its successful leadership”

David Williams

Having worked at referral and research institutions, and in private practice, David currently runs the ophthalmology clinic at the University of Cambridge and is director of studies in veterinary medicine at St John’s College. David is a member of the BVA CPD Committee and a former member of the BVA Ethics and Welfare Group.

“I have experience of working on other BVA committees and so an understanding of the workings of the association. I work with a number of veterinary practices and research and educational institutions, so hope I have an ear to the ground, as it were, of what BVA members are wanting in a president.”

In addition to 3 BVA members, the Electoral College consists of:

  • Independent chair (Nairn Wilson, past president of the British Dental Association) - non-voting
  • BVA officers (John Fishwick, Simon Doherty, Daniella Dos Santos)
  • a BVA past president (John Blackwell)
  • BVA Board Chair (Philip Lowndes) - non-voting