Young Vets

BVA recognises that the transition from student to qualified vet can be challenging, so we offer a number of benefits specifically to help members in their final year at vet school through to the time you have been graduated for eight years. These include:

Here's what a vet in London said about BVA membership:

With the BVA I was able to get a lot of the latest information relevant to my age group, alongside professional advice and peer contacts I wouldn't have found otherwise.'

BVA's Young Vets

  • 9,000 total of young vets in the UK
  • 27 regional YVN groups
  • 2 BVA Council Reps

BVA supports its Young Vets through the Young Vets Network (YVN).

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  • Free & discounted CPD

    BVA webinars for young vets

    The Webinar Vet

    If you have qualified in the last 3 years you are entitled to a discounted Webinar Vet membership to support you in completing your CPD and continuing your development by giving you access to the most comprehensive online veterinary CPD library.

    Sign up for a graduate membership

    RVC recorded webinars

    BVA Young Vet Network members get 50% off RVC recorded webinars and pay just £15.
  • Free personal accident insurance

    Young vet members receive free personal accident insurance as soon as their membership starts.

    Cover applies 24 hours a day and not just while you’re working. The benefits are designed to provide you with the financial resources to help you cope if you suffer a serious injury following an accident. Please contact Lloyd & Whyte for further information about the policy

    There's also an option to extend your cover to include income protection in the event that you are ill or injured. All members who take out income protection through BVA's financial services partner, Lloyd & Whyte, receive a 50% discount off their next BVA membership renewal.


    Contact BVA's insurance provider Lloyd & Whyte for more information on 01823 250 700.
  • Free professional guidance

    You can access a range of employment resources in our workplace guidance section.

    Professional Development Phase

    The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) expects all new graduates to continue learning throughout their career. The Professional Development Phase (PDP) is the self-assessment system designed to help you develop your professional and clinical skills to the standard expected after about a year in clinical practice.

  • Download BVA's Exclusive PDP Guide

    Our BVA Professional Development Plan (PDP) guide for new graduates includes:

    • How to get from day one competence to year one competence
    • Step by step - the RCVS Professional Development Record (PDR)
    • Who will Support you
    • What to do if you are not receiving any support
    Download now
  • Graduate guide

    Young vet members receive our free BVA new graduate guide, which includes advice about career options, applying for jobs, beginning work in practice and much more.

    Graduate representation

    Young vet members are currently represented on BVA Council by Grace Harman and Chloe Roberts.

    grace harmenGrace Harman

    Grace graduated in 2017 and is now working in small animal practice. She has experienced some of the recruitment challenges currently being faced in practice and understands how a range of factors can contribute to decreased career satisfaction for new graduates. Grace feels it is important recent graduates are represented so that their experiences in areas they find most challenging can be improved. Grace recently set up the Essex Young Vet Network (YVN).

    chloe robertsChloe Roberts 

    Chloe graduated three years ago and recently rebooted the East Midlands Young Vet Network (YVN), connecting with Nottingham vet school to raise awareness. She has also contributed to the revision of the YVN facilitators’ handbook. Her personal interest areas are recent graduate support, particularly mental health and wellbeing support, the public perception of the veterinary profession and retention rates within the profession.

    Blog posts from previous graduate reps:

    Grads to Vets – a unique graduate scheme with 360̊ support

    In 2018, BVA launched its partnership with Grads to Vets to offer a year-long graduate programme for young vets to realise their potential when they enter the workplace.

    Grads to Vets provides veterinary graduates with comprehensive support, consisting of a mentor outside of the practice, training with a clinical coach within the practice and peer group networking and support. Graduates on the scheme can also access a tailor-made CPD programme, covering clinical and non-clinical topics through attendance days, local evening talks and online courses.

    Find out how Grads to Vets can help you find the perfect practice with all the support you need for a successful start to your career by emailing

  • Young Vet Network (YVN)

    BVA and the Veterinary Defence Society (the VDS) support YVN groups around the UK. The groups are run independently by volunteers and provide young vets with the opportunity to meet up, discuss the pressures and the pleasures of the job, and enjoy social and CPD events together.

    Find out more about the Young Vet Network