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Owners should be aware of Alabama rot symptoms, urge vets

26 Mar 2018


Alabama rot, otherwise known as cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), is a potentially fatal disease affecting dogs, caused by damage to the blood vessels of the skin and kidneys. The disease was first identified in 2012 and there have been 29 cases confirmed this year in various areas of the UK, with 40 in 2017 and 19 in 2016.

John Fishwick, President of the British Veterinary Association, said:

“Dog owners in areas where Alabama Rot has been detected will understandably feel anxious about the reported cases, but the risk is low with only a small proportion of dogs in these areas having been affected. 

“Owners should make sure they are aware of the signs and symptoms, such as skin sores on the limb extremities, and contact their local vet immediately if they have any concerns.

"We are pleased the Anderson Moores practice has taken the lead in collating and mapping these cases. Veterinary surveillance is vitally important in tracking and monitoring new and emerging diseases. The government currently collects data on disease trends in livestock and this is an excellent example of the veterinary profession working to improve data collection on similar disease trends in small animals."


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