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Animal welfare plan for livestock shows

Agricultural shows present farm livestock at its best and boost public awareness of farming and conservation.

Since 2012, BVA’s Ethics and Welfare Group has had concerns about the welfare of animals at livestock shows and questionable practices used to enhance certain features of animals, particularly cattle. 

ASAO worked with BVA to produce this welfare plan for show organisers, including vets, that ensures a consistent approach to animal welfare during the pre-show planning stage. The plan which has been sent to all livestock show organisers.

Role of veterinary surgeons

Veterinary surgeons are responsible for helping to prevent the spread of infectious disease at livestock shows.

Depending on the size of a show, a named vet should work with show organisers to ensure that appropriate animal health and biosecurity measures are in place. Vets also often check the welfare of animals at the show, though there are currently no substantial or specific requirements at shows in terms of animal welfare, aside from the general provisions in the Animal Welfare Acts.

Publication: 2013
Edition: 1
Publisher: Association of Show and Agricultural Organisations (ASAO)
Number of pages: 16
Format: PDF

This plan contains:

  • Guidance notes on completing the plan
  • Livestock welfare issues to consider
  • Checklist of provisions which could be made for the show
  • Template to help you write your plan
  • Example plans written by others

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ASAO Animal welfare plan