Our structure

Working Groups

Under Our Care Working Group

The Under Our Care Working Group has been convened by Policy Committee to develop the BVA position on ‘under care’, emergency first aid and out of hours provision, and the associated role of telemedicine (including but not limited to remote prescribing), in response to the RCVS review.

Under Our Care Working Group scope and remit.


  • Chair - Nigel Gibbens
  • Daniella Dos Santos - BVA President
  • Phil Elkins - British Cattle Veterinary Association
  • Fiona Fell - BVA member
  • David Green - Veterinary Defence Society
  • Ruth Layton - Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel (alternate Maddy Campbell)
  • Sheldon Middleton - British Small Animal Veterinary Association


  • Alice Moore - Policy Committee
  • Adrian Nelson-Pratt - BVA member
  • Hannah Perrin - Veterinary Management Group
  • Jack Pye - British Veterinary Nursing Association
  • Iain Richards - Policy Committee
  • Kathleen Robertson - Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons


Emerging themes – DRAFT

Please note that this document records the broad principles emerging from the working group discussions, key points underpinning each principle, and some associated DRAFT recommendations. This document will be added to and changed as the work of the group progresses. It is an iterative process that will develop into the final position.

Next steps

Review of emerging themes by Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel (26 February), Policy Committee (11 March) and Council (15 April).

Next meeting of the working group: 16 April 2020.


We welcome comments via our Head of Policy & Governance, Amelia Findon