Get free legal advice

For professional or personal issues, BVA legal helpline is here 24/7 with a free mediation and representation service too.

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24/7 legal helpline

As a BVA member you can access trusted, confidential, and independent legal advice about anything from a problem at work to a consumer rights issue.

The BVA legal helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What you can speak to the BVA legal helpline about

Any personal or professional legal issue, including:

  • employment contracts
  • housing issues
  • maternity rights
  • working time regulations
  • consumer rights

Need further support?

The BVA legal helpline may recommend you access further support. Employee members can use our free mediation and representation service. This can help resolve disputes amicably or give you advice for disciplinary and grievance meetings. If necessary, a representative can even accompany you to disciplinary hearings or employment tribunals. Terms and conditions apply.