Travel grants for vet students

If you are a BVA student member at a UK vet school, or a recent graduate, then you can apply for a BVA travel grant to carry out research projects overseas:

BVA overseas travel grant

The BVA overseas travel grant scheme gives students the chance to gain experience in the prevention and control of exotic and emerging animal diseases, as well as helping them to develop beneficial life skills such as communication, adaptability and open-mindedness.

Value of grants

We award £500 to up to 4 UK undergraduates every year.

BVA grant requirements

  • Applicants must undertake a research project that contributes to sustainable development and good animal welfare in a developing country
  • The research project should be the applicant's own and not be part of an expedition, straightforward voluntary work, or preclinical/clinical EMS 
  • A research project overseas may help support the veterinary school requirement for students to undertake a research project (sometimes classed as part of EMS)
  • There should be a reasonably achievable objective in the time available
  • A summary report of up to 1,000 words with photographs, suitable for publication, must be sent to BVA within two months of the project being completed

Who can apply?

BVA student members studying at a UK vet school - all years are welcome to apply

Apply for a BVA travel grant

Details on how to apply for grants in 2021 will be made available in due course. 

For further information please email [email protected].

Harry Steele-Bodger memorial travel scholarship

The Harry Steele-Bodger Memorial Travel Scholarship was established in September 1953 to honour the memory of Henry W Steele-Bodger, President of the Association from 1939 to 1941, in recognition of his great services to the veterinary profession and agriculture, particularly during World War Two. See Harry Steele-Bodger's biography (48 KB PDF).

The scholarship is intended to assist a visit to a veterinary or agricultural school, research institute or some other course of study approved by the governing committee.

Who can apply?

Penultimate and final year veterinary students, and graduates of UK and Ireland veterinary schools qualified for no more than three years.

Apply for Harry Steele-Bodger scholarship

Details on how to apply for grants in 2021 will be made available in due course. 

For further information email [email protected].

Recent Harry Steele-Bodger grant reports