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Keep chocolate out of reach of pets this Easter, vets warn Listing Image
Vets welcome Trade and Agri report but ask Government how it will be applied to current trade negotiations Listing Image
Veterinary input vital as Agriculture Act comes into law, says BVA Listing Image

Veterinary input vital as Agriculture Act comes into law, says BVA

11 Nov 2020 | Animal health

BVA has welcomed news that today (11 November), the UK Agriculture Bill has become law, after over 100 hours of parliamentary scrutiny. An agricultural transition period will begin in 2021, marking a break away from the EU Common Agricultural Policy and farmers will have a seven-year transition period, with more details due to be announced in late November.

BVA welcomes important step for animal health and welfare as Government puts Trade and Agriculture Commission on legal footing Listing Image
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Vets must be at the heart of new Trade and Agriculture Commission, says BVA Listing Image
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Comfort in crisis: Leading animal organisations unite to support pets and owners through Coronavirus (COVID-19) Listing Image
Vets welcome ‘significant’ step in the right direction in fight against Bovine TB in England Listing Image
New immigration rules leave a big question mark for vets, says BVA Listing Image
The UK’s pet rabbits are lonely hearts looking for companionship, say vets Listing Image
Vets issue urgent pet safety advice as cold snap hits UK Listing Image
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