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Applying to study veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine is considered to be highly competitive, and the course is regularly touted as being one of the hardest to secure a place on. However, BVA, the Association of Veterinary Students, and the Veterinary Schools Council are concerned that common misconceptions - such as needing all A*s to get in or applicants from private schools being favoured – may sometimes put young people off of pursuing a veterinary careers.

There is also a concern that trusted adults – such as teachers, careers advisers, parents and carers – may end up dissuading young people from pursuing veterinary careers, through a desire to protect the young person’s feelings should their applications be unsuccessful, having concerns around funding the course or simply due to having incorrect information.

The new guide 'Applying to study veterinary medicine' is designed to support students as well as adults who are in a position to advise them on their future careers. The aim is to clear up common myths and misconceptions when it comes to applying to veterinary school and ensure all involved have the correct information to help applicants take the first step towards a rewarding veterinary career.

Applying to study veterinary medicine