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Working as a locum guide

Are you considering working as a locum? Would you like to know more? Contrary to what many people think, locum work isn’t necessarily an easy option but it can be an extremely rewarding one in several aspects: personal, professional, and financial.

This guide gives comprehensive advice on what you should think about if you’re interested in working as a locum, including both the advantages and disadvantages that should be considered for a successful move into locum work.

Publication: 2018
Edition: 1 
Reviewed: 2019
Publisher: BVA 
Number of pages: 32 
Format: PDF 703 KB


This guide covers:

  • Things to think about if you’re considering locum work
  • What and how to charge for locum work
  • Advice on how to find a locum job
  • Tips for starting a new placement
  • Considerations for your career path
  • Disadvantages of locum work

Working as a locum guide