Vets are vital to UK surveillance networks

We're calling on all vets to find out they can get more involved, contribute to the surveillance network, and make the most of surveillance reports for better animal health and welfare.

Vital role of vets in surveillance #VetSurveillance

What's the issue?

The success of the UK's surveillance network and our animal health and disease monitoring systems relies on all vets - from clinical practice to government to research. It requires a sound knowledge of where, what, how, and who to report to.

Our guide for vets covers how to report notifiable diseases and how to collect surveillance data from farm animals, companion animals, equidae, and wildlife.

We’ve developed the following positions:

Animal disease surveillance

Our position on veterinary scanning surveillance (animal health and disease monitoring) calls on the UK governments and other key stakeholders to work collaboratively. We need to modernise and optimise existing animal health and disease monitoring networks across species areas.

Surveillance policy