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#GoodWorkplaces provide the right support for your mental and physical wellbeing, including during menopause. For those not going through menopause, it’s likely someone you work with is or will be in the future. So, why not get a head start on how to discuss and handle such a vital topic? We’re sharing training, guides, workplace policy, and so much more here. This area is aimed at workplaces getting to grips with menopause support. Come on in!

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Why is supporting menopause important in the veterinary profession?

We’re hearing more and more about menopause, in conversations, in the media, in our workplaces. This article looks at the realities of menopause within the profession, and what we can do to support those going through it. 

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What can workplaces do to support menopause and become menopause friendly employers?

As increasing numbers of us are working well beyond the menopause transition, this article looks at the practical things employers can do to help individuals feel they can continue with their rewarding careers.

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