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Primates as pets

What's the issue?

Primates are long-lived, intelligent, socially-complex animals and must be kept in social groups. 

It's almost impossible for private owners to care for primates properly and meet their welfare needs.

What's our view?

We're calling for a ban on private individuals keeping primates as pets. 

The only exception to this ban should be to allow individuals who are working in partnership with accredited zoos to breed primates for conservation purposes.

We're part of a coalition with charities, including RSPCA, Born Free Foundation, Freedom for Animals, Four Paws, OneKind, and Wild Futures, campaigning against the keeping and trade of primates as pets.

We also responded to the 2014 Efra Committee inquiry into the keeping of primates as pets.

Mother and baby gorillas

BVA policy position on primates as pets

Primates as pets statement (114 KB PDF)

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