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Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel

Ethics and Welfare Advisory Panel (EWAP) plays a key role in the development of BVA policy across a wide range of animal health and welfare, public health, and veterinary professional issues, by providing ethical and welfare advice. EWAP works closely with BVA Officers and the BVA team to:

  • Advise Policy Committee and working groups on ethical and welfare issues relating to policy development.
  • Review draft policies to ensure appropriate consideration of ethical issues, first and foremost in relation to animal welfare.
  • Review draft policies to ensure justifiable conclusions based on the available scientific evidence and ethical analysis.
  • Horizon scan for the hot topics for consideration by Policy Committee.

EWAP activity

EWAP is currently:

  • advising on identified priority animal welfare problems, including the use of animals in performance sport and farrowing crates for pigs.
  • advising on the ethical and welfare considerations for two working groups, one on gene-editing and one on diet and nutrition for dogs and cats.
  • advising on the ethical and welfare considerations associated with fast growing broilers and cages for laying hens.

EWAP has recently:

EWAP members

EWAP is currently chaired by Maddy Campbell, and is composed of eight members, including:

  • At least five vet members
  • At least one vet nurse member
  • At least one non-vet
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We advertise vacancies annually, in June, via our website, social media, and member newsletter. Vet vacancies are open to MRCVS who also hold current BVA membership. Vet nurse vacancies are open to RVNs.

Across the committee we encourage a range of expertise, interests, and backgrounds. We recognise and champion the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion and we are committed to ensuring that all members have equal opportunity to contribute to our work. Read our Equality diversity and inclusion policy.

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Or contact Amelia Findon, Policy and Governance Director [email protected]