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Be a Friend this Christmas

20 Dec 2023


A veterinary career can be extremely fulfilling. However, this path comes with its own set of challenges, and from time to time many in the community need a helping hand.

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Christmas can be a time of increased pressure for vet teams. When on call, the workforce is typically reduced, making it challenging to manage the workload effectively. There is a hesitancy to disturb a colleague's Christmas dinner with requests for guidance or assistance. It's often the case that the patients being treated are in more critical conditions, and clients tend to exhibit higher levels of stress and emotion than usual. For those not working during Christmas, family expectations, feelings of isolation, or the abundance of free time for contemplation can contribute to making the holiday period challenging.

Vetlife, a dedicated charity supporting the veterinary community, provides assistance through three services: Vetlife Helpline, Vetlife Health Support, and Vetlife Financial Support. All three of the vital services have experienced an influx of demand over recent years.

To meet this rising demand, Vetlife increasingly relies on charitable donations to sustain its crucial support services.

A meaningful gift

This Christmas, consider giving back to the veterinary community. One simple way to contribute to Vetlife's mission is by becoming a Friend. Friends make a meaningful impact by donating a gift through their membership, starting from £4.20 per month for vets and vet nurses. Vetlife also now welcomes non-clinical staff and anyone affiliated with the veterinary profession to join as associate Friends.

This regular giving ensures Vetlife receives a steady income, enabling them to consistently provide support to those in need. Becoming a Friend of Vetlife is a small gesture that can make a significant difference this Christmas.

Whether or not you choose to become a Friend, remember that Vetlife's valuable resources and assistance remain accessible to you. The veterinary profession is a small community which looks after each other - make a positive impact today.

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