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Support the veterinary community as a Vetlife Area Rep

10 Mar 2020 | Eve Ritchie | Wellbeing


Vetlife supports the veterinary community through its Helpline, Health Support and Financial Support. Eve Ritchie, Communications Officer for Vetlife, talks about the importance of their Area Reps with more being urgently sought after in the London area.

Support the veterinary community as a Vetlife Area Rep Image

Vetlife is a charity which provides support to members of the UK veterinary community and their families. Vetlife offers three services: Helpline, Health Support and Financial Support. Many in the profession have heard of our Helpline service, but may be unaware of Health Support and that we can also provide Financial Support. Vetlife Financial Support gives financial assistance to veterinary surgeons and their dependants. Over the last four years, we have given £678,000 in financial grants and special gifts to our Beneficiaries.

To support and maintain contact with the Beneficiaries of Financial Support, we depend on a wonderful group of volunteers called Vetlife Financial Support Area Representatives, or Area Reps.

Who are Area Reps?

Area Representatives are the link between the charity and members of the veterinary profession and their relatives and dependants who are receiving support. They are volunteers who go out to meet new and existing Beneficiaries to ensure appropriate support is directed to those in need. Area Reps often deal with vulnerable people who may be sensitive, so tact and discretion are essential.

Area Reps will have in-depth knowledge of the veterinary profession and may come from any veterinary background. Our volunteers include vets, vet nurses, and practice staff.

We invest in training and communications for our Area Reps to enable them to have the skills and knowledge to ensure Beneficiaries have the best outcome from our service. Initial training is provided to new Area Reps and on-going annual training for all existing Area Reps.

As our charity expands, we need more kind volunteers to offer their time and compassion. We need area reps in all areas, but we are urgently seeking to recruit Area Reps in the London area.


Being an Area Rep can be a hugely rewarding experience - two of our Area Reps share their experiences:

“Looking back over the last 15 years as Area Representative I have learned such a tremendous amount, and it has been a privilege to meet with those involved with the charity and the beneficiaries.”

Peter Clark

“Becoming an Area Rep can be hugely rewarding, and a great way for me to feel I’m giving something useful back to a profession I feel honoured to be associated with.”

Vicky Robinson

Apply today

Applying to become an Area Representative is really simple.

You can find out more about the Area Rep role on the Vetlife website.

If the role sounds like it’s for you, complete our application form and we will aim to get back to you within a week.  If you have any questions about the role, contact [email protected]


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