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The benefits of in-house cytology in small animal practice

23 Sep 2016 | Clare M Knottenbelt | Laboratory

Cytological and haematological analyses are an essential part of daily life as a small animal practitioner. Haematology samples are often run as part of routine profiles and in the majority of unwell patients. Cytological assessment of lumps and bumps and of any bodily fluid samples can provide diagnosis, enhancement of differentials and in some cases, the best treatment options for the patient.

Undertaking farm animal post mortem exams Listing Image

Undertaking farm animal post mortem exams

25 May 2016 | Laboratory

Farm animals and the farm environment, where many of us spend our working days, can expose us to a wide range of differing risks. BVA’s Voice survey revealed that over half of farm vets suffered injuries at work within a 12-month period.

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