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Employment law: family-friendly rights


This factsheet, produced by BVA's legal helpline provider, looks at rights relating to maternity and paternity leave and pay, shared parental leave and employment policies which can help give you flexibility to care for your dependants, after any leave following the birth, has ended.

What's inside? 

  1. Maternity rights
  2. Antenatal appointments
  3. Sickness absence
  4. Maternity leave
  5. Notifying your employer
  6. Returning to work
  7. Keeping in touch days 
  8. Maternity pay
  9. Paternity leave
  10. Shared parental leave
  11. Adoption leave
  12. Parental leave
  13. Parental bereavement leave
  14. Flexible working

Published: February 2024

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