It's time to #CutTheCrop.

Ear cropping is a painful and illegal mutilation. 

It is illegal to perform ear cropping in UK, however it is not illegal to sell or import ear-cropped dogs, and it's not a specific offence to send dogs abroad to be cropped.

We’re calling on the government to close these legal loopholes. 

What’s the issue with ear cropping? 

Ear cropping is illegal in the UK and an unnecessary, painful mutilation with no welfare benefit. The practice involves cutting off part of the ear flap, often without anaesthesia or pain relief.

Despite it being illegal to crop dogs' ears in the UK, it remains legal to import and sell dogs with cropped ears, and it's not a specific offence to send dogs abroad to be cropped. We want this to change. 

Vets and animal welfare organisations are increasingly seeing cases of dogs with cropped ears. This worrying trend is rife on social media too, with celebrities and influencers sharing images of their ear-cropped dogs. 

It's time to send a clear message that cropping dogs' ears is not ok and end the trend of ear-cropped dogs for good.

How can you get involved?

Take action to #CutTheCrop

Share your support for the campaign: 

  • Write to retailers about the sale of ear cropping and/or splinting kits using our template letter
  • Share our #CutTheCrop graphics:
  • Call out celebrities on social media who post pictures with their cropped dogs and encourage them to #CutTheCrop. Signpost to this page for more information. 
Take action to #CutTheCrop Image

Veterinary professionals can report cases:

Read RCVS Code of Professional Conduct guidance on client confidentiality and circumstances where it may deemed necessary to disclose information to the authorities.

Members of the public can report cases of ear cropping:


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