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Being Young Vet of the Year

17 Aug 2023 | Hannah Hunt


Hannah Hunt, BVA Young Vet of the Year 2022, describes the incredible opportunities she's been given since receiving this award, and urges the veterinary community to nominate other early career vets in recognition of the value they bring to the profession.

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I’m Hannah, a mixed vet from Aberystwyth West Wales, and the winner of the BVA Young Vet of the Year Award 2022.

What the nomination meant to me

Being nominated for and winning this award was an incredible experience, an honour, and a complete surprise. But also, it has not changed what I do or how I practice - I didn't compete for it, it was recognition for what I was already doing. Which is what I continue to do still, the same job as before, only now this award has given me an appreciation of self-worth I did not have previously.

It confirmed that I can do this despite what imposter syndrome may have told me. It showed me that I have the commendation of my colleagues and other members of the industry, especially because I was nominated by my employer which gave me validation in a way no appraisal could have done. Clients have expressed their pride and congratulations too, which has further provided me with confidence and enthusiasm going forward.

What happened next

This award has given me some fantastic opportunities I would not have been afforded previously, such as being invited to speak to the delegates of a global animal health conference. This allowed me greater insights into the different paths this vocation can lead to outside of the general practice position I currently hold. Grasping these opportunities when they have arisen has led to exciting new challenges I would not have experienced otherwise.

Receiving this award has better helped me see my part as a young vet in this profession, that I do have an impact, and that I can make a change. I am proud of the vet I have become, of being part of this community, and I want to play my role in furthering this profession for the next cohort of young vets coming through.

To all young vets, I would say keep it up. Keep tackling those challenges, the busy shifts, the complicated cases, the uncooperative clients, the cold nights and rainy days. They are part of the bigger picture, the lives saved and changed, both patient and client, the businesses improved, the welfare bettered. You are seen, and you are appreciated, and you have got this.

Recognising early career vets

So, if you know an early career vet, whether they are taking on the world and making a vocal stand for the profession, championing a cause and campaigning for the change they wish to see, or whether they are quietly, consistently, passionately and beautifully taking on what each day throws at them, show that you see them, value them, respect them, and please nominate them. It will mean the world, trust me. Or if you are that young vet, nominate yourself, you have more than earned your place.

Submit nominations for BVA Young Vet of the Year Award 2023 by 28 August 2023 at This award is kindly supported by Zoetis UK.


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