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First steps to good leadership – whatever your position Listing Image

First steps to good leadership – whatever your position

28 Mar 2017 | Anne-Marie Svendsen Aylott

Leadership is one of those interesting words that is difficult to define, mostly because the definition varies depending on culture, background and intent. Throughout history leaders have fulfilled a number of functions, from the overt general to the gentler thought-leader, with the only thing in common seeming to be that they managed to get people to follow them – wisely or unwisely.

Finding wellbeing as a vet Listing Image

Finding wellbeing as a vet

10 May 2016 | Anne-Marie Svendsen Aylott

One of the ongoing challenges in veterinary practice is juggling emergencies, client and team communication and clinical skills. We are asked to multi-task and move from one area to the next without necessarily having the time to make a smooth transition or refocus ourselves and over time that can cause exhaustion, depression and burnout.

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