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Coping Strategies: the good, the bad and the ugly Listing Image

Coping Strategies: the good, the bad and the ugly

29 Mar 2021 | Kirstie Pickles

The added stress of the pandemic has meant many of us needed to find and use coping strategies over the past year. As restrictions are starting to lift across the UK, Kirstie Pickles tells us why it’s a good time to check we’re still using good strategies, and think about new ones we could try.

Autism in a Neurotypical World Listing Image

Autism in a Neurotypical World

04 Dec 2020 | Kirstie Pickles

To be a #GoodWorkplace it’s important to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. In this blog, Kirstie Pickles shares her experiences with Autism, and why employers being accepting and understanding of individuality is important.

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