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Less and Better – a call to value our food Listing Image

Less and Better – a call to value our food

23 Apr 2019 | Sean Wensley | Cattle

As BVA highlights in its newly-published position on UK sustainable animal agriculture, fewer healthier and happier animals with better productivity have less of a sustainability impact than numerous animals with poorer health and welfare outcomes.

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Transporting livestock from Scotland’s remote and rural areas – A snapshot from the Highlands and Islands Listing Image
Considering the wider determinants of welfare – a comprehensive approach to the welfare of livestock during transport Listing Image
African swine fever: An update Listing Image

African swine fever: An update

20 Dec 2018 | Duncan Berkshire | Cattle

African swine fever (ASF) is a devastating and often fatal disease which has been spreading in parts of eastern and central Europe since 2007. Duncan Berkshire, President of the Pig Veterinary Society, gives a update on the current situation.

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The challenges and opportunities of the farm practice in 2020 Listing Image
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