Vets play an essential role in society

Vets are exceptional professionals and one of the most trusted professions in the UK. Vets and vet-led teams are carrying out vital and varied work every day to safeguard animal health and welfare and protect public health.

Championing the veterinary profession #LoveMyVet

Building a relationship with your vet

Vets are passionate about their work. They are highly trained experts in animal health and welfare, and are the first port of call for animal owners seeking advice and guidance.

We're encouraging owners to build strong relationships with their vets from pre-purchase consultations to registering with a practice to regular health checks. 85% of pet owners enjoy the benefits of being registered with a practice.

Vets can advise on getting a new pet or responsibly sourcing livestock, the benefits of insurance, the ongoing care and treatment of animals, and the importance of preventive care and vaccination.

But vets don't only work in clinical practice. Vets are in research, education, policy, industry, charities, and more. All with a focus on protecting animal health and welfare and public health. 

How can you get involved?

For veterinary professionals:

  • Share photos, quotes, and moments on social media that showcase working life and what you love about your role, tagging @BritishVets and using the hashtags #TeamVet, #LoveMyVet and #LoveMyVetNurse. It could be thank you cards, shout-outs to team members or cute cuddles with patients!

  • Share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences of working in the profession by joining our.

  • Offer pre-purchase consultations to prospective pet owners and recommend the Puppy Contract to anyone thinking of buying a puppy.

  • Use our Media Guide for advice on promoting your practice, or contact the BVA media team.

  • Consider inviting your local MP to visit your practice and encourage them to talk about their experiences on their website, press, or social media.

  • Use and share the My Vet Future careers site for advice and information on the breadth of veterinary careers. 

Vets examining cat

vet looking in dogs eyes

For owners:

  • Share photos, quotes, and moments on social media using the hashtags #LoveMyVet and #LoveMyVetNurse.

  • Always speak to your vet for advice on tailored care and treatment for your animals.

We have developed the following positions:

Vet-led team

Our vision for the vet-led team sets out a 'hub and spoke' model for how veterinary and allied professionals should work together in a way that has positive impacts on animal health, animal welfare and public health.

The Vet-led team