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BVA Young Vet of the Year 2021 finalist: Alex Davies

25 Oct 2021 | Alex Davies


Alex Davies, a finalist for BVA Young Vet of the Year Award 2021, introduces himself and shares his passion for mentorship.

BVA Young Vet of the Year 2021 finalist: Alex Davies Image

My name is Alex Davies and I am immensely grateful to be nominated for BVA Young Vet of the Year 2021. I would like to use this platform to celebrate the diversity of roles and responsibilities within our profession. I see how many of my own graduating year group have pioneered unique careers for themselves. This is testament to their creativity as individuals and the vast opportunities available in veterinary medicine. We each make our own meaningful contribution to animal welfare, and my chosen path is my commitment to mentorship.

In my role as a mentor I have met thousands of aspiring vets over the past five years. Each of these students reminds me of why I wanted to become a vet and the barriers I faced when entering the profession. Sharing my passion for the animal kingdom is rewarding enough. However, widening access to veterinary medicine is how I have defined my professional identity as a ‘vet mentor’. As a young vet graduating in the coronavirus cohort, I felt motivated to adapt to the limitations placed on clinical practice. I found this deeply challenging on a personal level and I empathise with my colleagues who shared in this experience. Maintaining my commitment to veterinary careers and outreach has strengthened my resilience and enthusiasm for my clinical responsibilities. Inspired by other young vets who continued to advance the standards of veterinary care even in the face of lockdown, I performed two small animal research projects as my way of giving back to my patients. Connecting with these same professional colleagues, I have implemented and coordinated a national careers platform, which remains accessible to all future and aspiring veterinary surgeons.

As qualified vets, we know that realistic insight into the profession is fundamental to making an informed career decision. As a veterinary mentor, I have observed limited work experience opportunities become totally inaccessible, as a result of the pandemic. Working within a multidisciplinary team, I have created a virtual alternative to in-person work experience that prioritises the learner, and is completely free. I took this opportunity to incorporate all the positive educational experiences that I had on my own application journey, but also to remove the classical limitations of work experience placements. I have particularly enjoyed welcoming my colleagues from across the spectrum of veterinary careers and providing them an outlet to inspire the next generation of veterinary leaders.

Finally, if you are considering a career in veterinary medicine, then you are in luck because there is a whole community of young vets waiting to welcome you into our profession. It does not matter who you are or where you come from. It only matters that you pursue your dream vocation and you believe in yourself. To my young vet colleagues, I believe our community is built upon the principles of family, scientific enquiry and mentorship. Sometimes, all it takes to find a future vet is to share your own story.


BVA Young Vet of the Year Award is supported by Zoetis UK.


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