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Vetlife: Wellbeing tips for students during Covid-19 Listing Image
10 tips for managing stress at vet school Listing Image

10 tips for managing stress at vet school

08 Mar 2019 | Rosie Allister

Student life can be brilliant, but there are potential stresses too, and particular challenges associated with veterinary study. Here Vetlife's Rosie Allister gives 10 pieces of advice to help manage stress during training

Why volunteer at Christmas? Listing Image

Why volunteer at Christmas?

19 Dec 2018 | Rosie Allister

Dr Rosie Allister, Vetlife Helpline Manager, outlines why she volunteers over Christmas, and what you can expect if you call the Helpline at this time of year.

Bouncing back: is resilience worth the hype? Listing Image
Mental Health Awareness Week: What happens when you call the Vetlife Helpline? Listing Image
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