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Foot and mouth disease: Time for sombre reflection Listing Image
Community action at the Brailsford Ploughing match Listing Image

Community action at the Brailsford Ploughing match

16 Dec 2020 | James Russell

Considering your organisation’s role within the wider community can be an important aspect of workplace culture. James Russell tells us why his practice team enjoyed getting involved at the Brailsford Ploughing match, and the benefits this brought to the business.

Don't miss out on the winter sun Listing Image
Let’s maintain the momentum on our antibiotic achievements  Listing Image
The power of asking “Are you OK?” Listing Image
Living (and vetting) with dyslexia Listing Image

Living (and vetting) with dyslexia

30 Oct 2020 | James Russell

BVA President James Russell shares his experience with dyslexia, the impact this has on his day-to-day life, and what steps we can all take to ensure our veterinary workplaces support neurodiversity.

World Mental Health Day 2020 – be kind to yourself  Listing Image
Let’s change the tide on bovine TB Listing Image
Mental Health Awareness Week - How can we look after each other more? Listing Image
How do you fix a cow's twisted stomach while social distancing? Listing Image
If colostrum is gold, colostrum quality is priceless Listing Image
Christmas on call: It’s not all about chocolate poisoning Listing Image
#StandingOnHerShoulders: Inspirational women vets of today Listing Image

#StandingOnHerShoulders: Inspirational women vets of today

22 Dec 2019 | James Russell

This week we’re celebrating the 100-year anniversary of women being allowed onto the veterinary register. After a slow start (by 1956 there were still only 387 women on the register) we’ve seen a huge influx of women enter the veterinary profession and today women make up around 60% of practising vets and 80% of vet students.

The brilliance of Welsh vets Listing Image

The brilliance of Welsh vets

04 Dec 2019 | James Russell

James Russell's whistle-stop tour of Wales followed a common theme – brilliant members of the profession showcasing how they are using their veterinary degree to improve animal welfare and veterinary wellbeing.

Meeting one of my veterinary heroes: Dr Temple Grandin Listing Image
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